Friday, April 17, 2015

Baby Blossoms

Beautiful babies blossoming everywhere~a sure sign of spring, and a sure sign that the WLLC mission to grow into a global community overflowing with love and respect for each other and the planet will continue for generations to come.  


We love our babies and their sweet simplicity, their still-intact connection to their Source, and their beautiful timelessness.  We relish in the moments when we all press pause on our busy days and soak up their sweet smiles and budding consciousness~an excellent reminder of what really matters in this life.  

It's hard to believe that these little bumbles will be as big as our opals one day, but it is a certainty that they will learn, love and grow....

......and oh the places they'll go!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Positively Reality

Sometimes reality is that there is no ice on the roads, no matter how well we prepared for its presence the night prior.

Sometimes reality is the rain washing away the only bridge home when not a drop was predicted and you're 9 months pregnant.

Sometimes reality is the simplicity of pressing pause on this ever-speeding, often challenging life to snuggle, smile and embrace each other's humanity-flaws and all.

Our constantly changing world leaves us in a powerful position as we learned from our quote of the week:

     "The most powerful thing you can do to change the world is to change your own beliefs about the nature of life, people and reality to something more positive... and begin to act accordingly."

                                                                                          -Shakti Gawain

Beliefs, simply put, are thoughts we think repeatedly.  Begin to think the world is warm and loving, and see what happens.  Embrace whole heartedly that Life is Good and Beautiful, and observe as reality blossoms into nature's finest of flowers.

We all know those days when reality seems to leave us with no choice but to let the ground hold us up....

......and on those days we thank and bless the sweet Earth for being the ground beneath our feet.  We thank our bodies for slowing down and allowing the space to heal.  Most importantly, we thank our community and ourselves for always supporting, uplifting, and loving us exactly as we are.

We are all whole, beautiful and loved exactly as we are.  We are Whole Life Learners!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Welcoming Noah

As the soft, delicate pitter-patter of dreary raindrops
Gives way to the first footsteps of spring
Your precious soul comes bounding forth.

The promise of new life echoes loudly within all of our hearts
As the warm sunshine brings with it something far better
than a small sprinkling of green.

We’ve been expecting you…..

Welcome to this precious life
angel in human form.
The world is ready and waiting
to greet you with Its loving, open arms.

May love’s light illuminate your path,
whichever you choose to tread.
May gentleness grace your heart, and may joy and laughter fill your days.
May you always know
down to the deepest depths of your soul
that you are nothing short of Divine.

Sweet, gentle Noah,
Oh, how you are loved.

Noah Riley Carberry
Born February 8, 2015
7lbs 9oz
20 inches
Marvelously radiant mama: Caroline Riley
Proud, amazing papa: Michael Carberry

Future: Positively Spectacular

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It's Baby Time!

We are so thankful and delighted to have Leesalyn and her precious baby Deryn with us!  

Soft, colorful mats make a cozy blanket like fallen autumn leaves in our lavender room as she guides each learner through every yoga pose.  Her gentle, flexible energy and sweet soul bring new, awakened life to this ancient practice as she skillfully navigates motherhood and mentor-hood.

And like every good yogi, she remembers the importance of silliness and play.

Sweet baby Deryn will be in good company with all of the new life that will be arriving in our community this year.  Miss Carly is positively glowing, and showing as well!  She and her family will be welcoming her second son this summer!

Miss Caroline radiates life, love and joy as she and Mr. Michael prepare to welcome their precious Noah any time now......

.....and we cannot wait to meet him!  

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Springtime's Coming....

What a beautiful, amazing couple of days it has been in our school-spring is peeking around the corner, and we are grateful for such a warm, sunny week.   From “cave painting” in art with Mr. Boone……

…….to the Egypt Party celebrating all that we have learned about Egyptian history this year with Miss Carly……. the fantastic field trip we took to see"The Six Seasons" and to play in Butler Park, tumbling down the grassy hill.......

plus some generous sunshine and lots of love and respect, this week's magic mixed together a delicious, uplifting elixir for us all. 

Thank you so much to the parents who helped out and for your incredible support with making everything happen.  It is such a gift to have so many hands and hearts ready and willing to contribute to our magnificent melting pot! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Habit of Success

This week as the three day WLLC program resumes following the monsoon, many grateful smiles are emerging along with the gorgeous sunshine.  These wonderful children ooze joyful energy and spread love everywhere they turn.

Our quote of the week:

"I never could have done what I have done without the habits of punctuality, order and diligence without the determination to concentrate myself on one subject at a time."

-Charles Dickens

We had some good discussion surrounding our habits at our morning circle-both ones that are healthy that we enjoy and those that we would like to change.  We are all growing in awareness of how we can be more, grow more and do more by consciously creating positive patterns of behavior.

What habits do you have that you enjoy or would like to change?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

This Little Light of Mine

Days like today-soaking wet, cold, and dreary-leave my heart grateful for the sunshine and the dry.  

Days like today are wonderful lessons in flexibility for us, mentors and learners alike.

Days like today, we bump into each other a bit more than others.

Days like today we picked each other up more, and often picked ourselves-and many wet towels-up off of the puddled-up floor.

Days like today we rely on the warmth from our inner fires and memories of sunshine-filled days to thaw from the chill.

Days like today teach us so much more than we could ever hope to learn from a textbook.

Days like today teach us to be, to love, to know and to grow one another, and to see behind each others' frustration and cabin fever to the light we all carry within.

This little light of mine, my oh my am I going to let it shine!